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Stock Skim 49" KARMA blue pink splatter BLEM

Stock Skim 49" KARMA blue pink splatter BLEM

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They say the best revenge is to just move on, and let KARMA do the rest.

This is the board shape that we think most people are accustomed to. It's capabilities are endless. With it's pin nose, slightly wider tail, and back from center waist, it performs exactly how you expect a top level skimboard to perform. Our specially formulated rocker design paired with the materials and build technique we employ make it an unstoppable force.

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Hand-crafted and custom-made, this 49" KARMA carbon skimboard is in stock and ready to ship.

This is discounted due to a blemish. This board has horizontal printing stripes. Does not affect performance.

This is a first come, first serve item.



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