Habit Surf Co. was founded with the belief that your board should reflect your personality. Meticulously hand-crafted with only durable, top-quality materials, our beautiful wakesurf and skimboards are made to exacting specifications to give you years of smooth surfing and style.

Hand built in Canada and the USA

Habit surf and skim boards feature top quality materials used in conjunction with proven build techniques and designs to ensure you are getting the absolute best performing board possible!

And the best part? Habit boards are fully customizable and built to advance your riding experience taking your skills to a higher level.

Why Get a Better Habit?

Hand-crafted quality

Every Habit board is shaped and sanded by the expert hands of highly-skilled artisans who have dedicated their lives to the craft of designing and shaping surfboards, our shapers each use their knowledge of materials, design, and construction to create custom boards tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each surfer.

Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is unmatched, making Habit boards sought after by surfers from all over the world.

One-of-a-kind custom designs

Custom designs for surf and skim allow riders to express their individuality and personality while riding the endless wave. Whether it's a hand painted design, digital prints, or personal photos, our team can bring any vision to life making each board one-of-a-kind -- much like a fingerprint.

Our talented designers work hand-in-hand with each customer to create a truly unique and personalized surfboard using any design or vision that reflects your style and preferences.

Tailored sizes, weights & styles

At Habit, you can tailor any board to your specific preferences and needs.

From weight and size to riding style, shape, and fin placement, every aspect can be customized to achieve optimal performance and comfort on the water.

These customizations allow riders to fine-tune their board to their unique style, providing a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our boards can help you maximize your potential and get the most out of every ride.